Rumspecialists and Master Blenders

Rumspecialist.com is an initiative of E&A Scheer based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

E&A Scheer is a company specialized in blending and supplying Rum and Batavia Arrack in bulk. The company was founded more than 3 centuries ago and has been active in the bulk Rum business ever since. These three hundred years of experience have resulted in substantial knowledge of every aspect of the bulk Rum business.

The full spectrum of Rum types

Rum is a distillate made from the extracts of sugarcane. It comes in an enormous variety of characters and types. White Rum, Dark Rum, Aged Rum, Column Still Rum, Pot Still Rum and so on. Further blending can create endless variations within the product. There is no uniform measure to classify the different Rum types, the only thing they have in common is their base, the sugarcane.

Our Rum Blending Specialists have mastered the art of knowing how Rum types combine well together, and which Rums to use for certain blends. Terms like Master Blender, Rum Specialist or Maestro Ronero, will apply.

Our Market Specialists turn intangible ideas into tangible fluids to satisfy the market.

Please continue to the website of E&A Scheer for more information at www.rum.nl